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Do you have a vacation home or property in the Lake Cumberland Area? If you have a home and are interested in learning more about making it available for vacation rentals, we'll be glad to share our experience and the experience of our clients with you. Allow us to help make your vacation home an even be$$er investment.


A Better Rental LLC (ABR) is a family-owned & operated business.  We specialize in personally connecting with potential renters to insure they will fit your unique home vs. our competitors who only "e-book" with little/no renter contact.  We started 10+ years ago as an alternative to the resort's rental program so that owners could have a voice in renter selection & home care.

Shelly transitioned the business from Marilyn in 2016 and merged the company with A Better Rental LLC which operates both in Kentucky & Ohio.  Shelly has owned/managed property in the resort for more than a decade and has almost 25 years project management/business experience.  With many family memories at the resort and a home owner herself, Shelly is committed to keeping a vital rental program for both owners and renters to enjoy the area, as well as for the local community's economy/vitality.

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If you are in need of project management or small business consulting - we recommend our H2 Consulting LLC partners who have helped us streamline operations and grow sales:


If you are in need of any cleaning services in Cincinnati - we recommend our CincyClean partners who have helped us maintain our rentals in Cincinnati.